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All of the counsellors at Island Family Counselling Centre have a deep commitment to social justice and community well-being, as well as to personal and professional growth and development. We began as a collective of like-minded practitioners in 1985, and are currently comprised of three original members and three members who joined our team within the past five years. We enjoy, appreciate, challenge, support, consult with, and learn from each other. All of us are deeply rooted and active in our local communities, as well as in the professional community. We value the fact that most of our clients come from word-of-mouth referrals, based on our individual and collective professional reputations.

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Our Counsellors

Sherri Hohert, MSW, RCSW


Ariel Graham, MA, RCC


J.N Cole Little, PhD, RCC


Barbara Erickson MA, CCC


Michelle Koroll, MA, RCC


Jessica Lefebvre, MC


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As a family lawyer and mediator, I work with many counsellors and mental health practitioners. Clients in crisis often need a direct referral and I have never had any hesitation in referring folks to Island Family Counseling Centre. The experienced and professional support provided by Island Family Counselling is the right framework for people to work from crisis and heartache to solutions and better health. Mary E Mouat, QC

Lawyer, and Mediator, Quadra Legal Centre

As a Youth and Family Counsellor in Victoria, I am aware that there is a great need for compassionate and skilled counsellors who can specifically support youth and their families. I have been referring children, youth and their families to Island Family Counselling for over six years. Being able to refer to counsellors such as Cole (aka Dr. Little) provides great relief for me and my colleagues as we are limited by the scope of therapeutic support and services we can offer in the school system. Island Family Counselling offers a diverse range of therapeutic approaches and provides options for families who are looking for strengths-based support. I highly recommend these folks for counselling, consultations and/ or coaching. Mitchel du Plessis, M.Ed

Recipient: 2013 BC Representative of Children and Youth Award of Service Excellence

Over the last twenty five years, as a teacher, counsellor, school and district administrator, I have referred many parents and their children to Island Family Counselling Center. In every case, they reported back to me their gratitude for the professional and ethical support they received. The counselling support offered, by the qualified and dedicated staff, enabled them to move forward to a place of understanding and strength. Their needs were responded to in a timely, caring, and compassionate manner. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Island Family Counselling Center. Deborah Courville

Principal, School District 61