Summer time and the living is…

Ah! It seems only yesterday that I was writing the blog entry about returning to school.  Now, school is out, the first summer long weekend is under our belts and the weather in Victoria is finally cooperating with the time of year.  Now what?

Summer time looks different for all families, of course.  If you are a parent working outside the home, summer time might actually add a little more stress as you navigate child care, activities for your kids or trying to swing vacation time from work amongst your fellow parenting co-workers.  For stay at home parents, well, suddenly there are few breaks in the day as the little ones are home – and maybe bored.  I recall how, as a child, summer seemed like FOREVER whereas an adult, it sure disappears in the blink of an eye. I remember calling out “Mom, there is NOTHING to do!”  And her reply (as she balanced working and parenting), “Then FIND something!”

When approaching this summer and this blog topic, I was inspired by my colleague Valerie Trace who made a bulletin board with ideas for an unplugged summer.  I stopped in my tracks as it reminded me how summer sometimes becomes a “to-do” list of camps, extra courses, or skill development.  As a result, we may be speeding up at the very time of year we are allowed to slow down (even just a little). Kids need a well deserved break from school, adults need to rekindle the kid inside.  And what better way to do this than through unplugged activities?

Some unplugged activities include:

  • Flying a kite – or better yet making one first!
  • Helping a neighbour garden
  • Do a puzzle
  • Skip rocks
  • Look at the stars
  • Go fishing
  • Skip rope
  • Make crafts
  • Walk the dog
  • Camp in the backyard
  • Find shapes in the clouds
  • Daydream
  • Beacon Hill Petting Zoo
  • Create a comic

Of course, as adults, we need to model what an unplugged summer looks like.  This means putting the phone down to be fully present with summer and the activities we partake in.

And hopefully to pass the inspiration along, here are some great links for free or cheap summer activities – no plug in required!

There is a tiny bit of irony in this post – I am blogging about an unplugged summer.  So with that said, I will be taking a little break until September from the website to attend to my own garden and spend more time dog walking and crafting.  Island Family Counselling remains open during the summer if you are wanting to book an appointment. We wish you a safe and fun summer.  Maybe my next blog entry will be “What I Did On My Summer Vacation.” Until then take care!

Cole and the IFC family

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