About Ariel

Professional Background

• Registered Clinical Counsellor with British Columbia Association of
Clinical Counsellors (#10799)
• MA Counselling Psychology from City University (2005)
• Certified Somatic Transformation Practioner (2017)

About Me

As someone in a long-term marriage, I understand the efforts required to stay connected and committed. With two teenagers, I know parenting can bring us to our knees; it is not for the faint of heart and a sense of humour can be helpful sometimes. I can attest to the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of physical activity in nature and can be found gardening in my backyard or running on local trails. As an avid traveller and someone who values activism and social justice I have been fortunate enough to volunteer in Thailand, Bolivia, Guatemala, and South Africa.

About My Practice

My approach is compassionate, creative, and collaborative. I bring my skills, knowledge and insights to the table while you bring your life experience and expertise. Together we will find effective solutions, discover resources, and expand your capacity for healing and change.

By exploring affect regulation, cognitive distortions, and attachment patterns, symptoms of depression, anxiety and other problematic mental health issues can improve. I draw from emergent research from the neuroscience community which explains the physiological functions that are the catalyst for our behaviour and responses.

Therapeutic Modalities

  • Response Based Approach
    -Acknowledges victim/survivor resistance in the face of abuse
  • Somatic Transformation
    – Elicits the body’s innate wisdom and facilitates healing from the stress of daily life, attachment relationships and trauma
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    -Identifies unhelpful thought patterns and behaviour so they can be replaced with useful coping strategies
  • Eco-Feminism
    – Highlights the interconnectivity of all living things, using a lens of power differences, societal and cultural differences
  • Synergistic Play Therapy
    -Therapeutic power of play blended with interpersonal neurobiology, attachment, mindfulness and therapist authenticity

About My Clients

I am open to working with people from age six upwards; I enjoy working with a variety of individuals, couples, and families. Depending on the age and presenting issue, I collaborate with clients (and caregivers if applicable) to achieve their desired goals. I am honoured to be an approved provider for the First Nations Health Authority for Indigenous people through the Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program or the Mental Wellness and Counselling Support Program.

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world”. ~ Robin Williams