About Barbara

What to expect

I believe that we all have the capacity for change. I see the potential for growth when you face your fears and take on realistic challenges. I will work with you to uncover your strengths and build on your desire to show up in your life. I trust that you can be brave.

I will work collaboratively with you to understand your goals, and to move toward them. Counselling is continually testing my concept of barriers and limitations. This work keeps me on my toes and as such, I will try to keep you on yours. I am focused on establishing a trusting relationship that will foster in you the confidence to take on new patterns and shift aspects of your life that are no longer serving you.

Originally trained in family systems therapy, I take a systemic approach whether I am working with an individual, couple or family. So many aspects of our lives are intertwined, and a systemic lens allows you to consider the nuanced ways these aspects interact. Anticipating the impact one choice may have on other areas of your life, allows you to achieve more effective and longer lasting changes.

I have taken a special interest in working with those who have sustained an acquired brain injury (ABI). As former Executive Director of the Victoria Brain Injury Society, I came to understand the profound impacts of this injury on the injured person, their family and their friends. If you have sustained a brain injury or are in a relationship with someone who has sustained this type of injury, I will work with you to navigate this huge life transition. Brain injuries, which include concussions, are common after a motor vehicle accident. I am registered with ICBC to provide counselling following an accident.

You are unique. As such I invest in a vast array of therapeutic techniques upon which I can draw. My eclectic approach embraces theories from schools of thought such as, family systems therapy, narrative therapy, body centred therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and positive psychology. If you feel ready to tackle a change in your life in a supported way, please contact me for a free in person consultation.

Professional Background:

  • Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (#750)
  • MA Applied Behaviour Science with an emphasis on Family Systems Therapy (2000)